Oklahoma City Tennis Association – OCTA

– OCTA –
Oklahoma City
Tennis Association

Current active membership:
About 220

All ages and playing abilities from beginner to advanced and pretty much split 50/50 between male and female.
General Information:
OCTA membership cost is $10 per year which provides fliers for upcoming events.  Most events are played at Will Rogers Tennis Center, N.W. 36th and Portland.
Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed doubles leagues.  Leagues are 8 weeks in length and there are 3 sessions per year, Spring, Summer, and Fall.  Spring leagues run from around beginning of April thru end of May, Summer leagues run from mid-June thru mid-August, and Fall leagues run from end of August to end of October.  The final night of league play is "Pizza Night" where OCTA pays for pizza and refreshments for the players. 
First, second, and third place prizes are given to players with the highest winning percentages.  Players of all levels are welcome since people are placed on courts with others of similar ability.  Cost of the leagues is $35 per session plus a $20 refundable deposit.  OCTA membership is required to play in the leagues.
In addition to the leagues, we also have approximately 6 tournaments that are held about one per month from May thru October.  Some tournaments include all events, men’s and women’s singles, doubles, and mixed doubles, while some tournaments are just doubles or mixed doubles.  The final tournament of the year is the Bar-B-Q Mixed Doubles Tournament held in October which includes a catered barbeque dinner.  Cost of tournaments are around $15 for singles and $30 per doubles team which pays for the courts and for trophies.
Fun Nights:
This year, we held a couple of Fun Nights which are held on either a Friday or Saturday night where we play various tennis "games" and players bring covered dishes to share while OCTA provides the drinks.  These usually cost around $7 or $8 to pay for the court time and refreshments.
Tennis Parties:
We usually have a combined Christmas/New Year’s tennis party held indoors in either December or January at Woodlake Racquet Club, N.W. 63rd and Rockwell.  In addition, we usually host an indoor tennis party in February.  Cost is around $15 to $20 per person.  These are always held on a Saturday night and the cost pays for courts, food, and refreshments.
As you can see, we are a very active tennis club
and are always looking for new members.
  Anyone interested in joining OCTA,
or for additional information, can
contact any of the following
OCTA Board Members:
President:  Ron Schrouf – 524-4RON
Vice President:  Tim Peters – 317-8117
Treasurer:  Jeff Bowser – 848-5901
Membership:  Brian Alexander – 948-0346
Men’s Leagues: Monte Butts – 943-0121
Women’s Leagues: Nancy Flinton – 843-8331
Mixed Leagues: Denis Sakoski – 360-1560

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