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The following outings are only a list of the published Outings
For everything listed below – there is at least an equal number
& usually a whole lot more…going on behind the scenes
that are organized/announced between individual OKC-ON Members
thru our email listserv on Yahoo-Groups or private emails between member

You must be a Member of the OKC-ON
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Meetings & Happy Hours
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"Contact info" for upcoming outings
will be emailed to OKC-ON Members
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or members can contact the
OKC-ON for that information

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Moon Phases
Every week in August

 6:30 pm Summer Twilight Concerts

        Myriad Botanical Gardens (Hudson and Reno)
August 6:
Camille Harp – Folk
August 13:
Sugar Free All-Stars – Original Rock
                Mount St. Mary (SW 28th and Shartel)
August 20:
Banish Misfortune- Celtic
August 27: OK Chorale Barbershop Chorus – Choral

 7:00 pm Summer Breeze Concert Series
                    in Norman


August 10

unless water level drops below

Starts at
 6:30 pm

 Paddling at Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge

OKC Outdoor Network Member Bill Becquart will be leading
a  paddle within the
Stinchcomb Wildlife Refuge
on various evening’s in August

Depending on his work schedule
& the water level within the Refuge (1240.0 or above needed)

Check back here to see if there will be a paddle this week
or contact Bill Becquart 

For important information on Paddling Stinchcomb – Click Here

August 10

6:00 pm

Join the OKC-ON for our Monthly Happy Hour
in NORMAN, Oklahoma at:
 Champions Sports Bar & Grill
 3720 W Robinson St
 Suite 104

August 15


Boating/water safety class
at Sportsman’s Warehouse
2301 West Memorial Rd
Oklahoma City

The Oklahoma Highway Patrol present boater education certification. The course covers navigation rules, equipment requirements, boating law and boating safety. The class runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with a break for lunch. Class is limited to 25. For more information or to register
contact Customer Service at (405) 302-4800.

August 17

Happy Hour


5:30 pm
to ????


Click Here
for an Appetizer Discount Coupon
at the
Deep Deuce





This is our normal 3rd Thursday
Happy Hour that we have every month all year long
This month we will be at the
Deep Deuce Grill
307 NE 2
Oklahoma City, OK

Located in the Historic Deep Deuce District,
 this bar and grill offers a homey neighborhood atmosphere
with great food, sandwiches, burgers and appetizers.

For more information
about this Happy Hour
Contact the OKC Outdoor Network
August 20

4:00 pm
9:00 pm

OKC Outdoor Network
Pool Party

Lets make a splash
in celebration of summertime
Join us poolside for food, fun & sun…

w/Burgers, Dogs & Soft Drinks furnished
BYOBeer   &   BYOChair

Bring a side dish to share !!!!

This party is for
OKC-ON Members
& their guests

Party to be held in the home of
an OKC Outdoor Network member

Details to be E-mailed
to OKC-ON Members !!!!


You’re cordially invited to
the first ever
(at least that I know of)

Oklahoma City
Kayak Koncert

Where: Lake Hefner – below the patio at Pearl‘s Lakeside.
When: Wednesday, August 23rd at 6:30 PM
              (meet at
Hobie Point)
Why: Listen to some great music, paddle the lake, and enjoy the company of friends.

Who: Camille Harp, a local singer. Several of us had the opportunity to listen to her at a Sunday Twilight Concert and really enjoyed it. Visit for music samples and additional info.

Details: Meet at Hobie Point at 6:30 PM on Wednesday, August 23rd. We’ll paddle over and anchor below the patio at Pearl‘s Lakeside. If the wind is strong, we’ll paddle east along the south shore and then head north. Bring your kayak (you must provide your own), PFD, paddle, white light, etc. Also, bring some money and we’ll see if we can get anyone from Pearl‘s to offer waterside service. Also, CD’s are available if you like what you hear. Sue Goodrich and I both purchased CDs and are glad we did.


FAQ Note:
Don’t take anything in this too seriously.
Come out, paddle a bit, enjoy some great music
and have fun.

I don’t have my own kayak, what do I do?
Ask a friend who won’t be going to borrow one of theirs, rent one from Sun and Ski, or buy one (you know you want to). If none of those options work, you can show up early and grab a patio table (closest to the south side) and listen to Camille while enjoying the great food at Pearl‘s Lakeside. Try and guilt a staff member to bringing food to us poor starving kayakers on the water
. And ask them if they have Key Lime Pie. If they do, I’ll come up for a slice. Oh, and bring a camera/video camera to capture the first ever (as far as I know) Oklahoma City Kayak Koncert.

Do I have to wear a PFD?
Oklahoma law requires that you wear a PFD at all times while you’re in your kayak. But I’m not the kayak police, so the choice on whether you want to risk a ticket or not is completely up to you. Also, if you decide to stand up and dance in your kayak and then fall in, you’re on your own.

Why should I bring a white light?
Oklahoma law (and common sense) requires that you have a white light when on the water after dark. A white light alerts other boaters that you are on the water and helps to keep them from running you over. If you have a light you can stay and listen to the music even longer. The sunset from the Pearl‘s patio area is one of the best in town, but you’ll need a light to paddle back afterwards.

How can I stay in one spot in order to listen to the music?
Creative paddling can leave you in a single spot for quite awhile. However, another method is to purchase a little 2.5 pound dumbbell, attach some rope and toss it over the side (hang on to one end of the rope).  This kind of anchor is extremely cheap, so if it gets stuck underneath one of the rocks you haven’t lost much. Finally, if enough people show up, we can form a big group and use the bigger boats as anchor points.

Do I have to bring money?
No, but if you don’t and we can cajole a member of the Pearl‘s staff to serve us at waterside, don’t come asking to borrow any from me . Also, our local artists practice hard, often work regular full-time jobs, and still spend their evenings playing music for our enjoyment, so buy the CD if you like the music.

Can I stand up and dance in my kayak?
If you’re a really good kayaker or dancer, I hope that you try (Following the advice of my attorney, you are hereby advised that standing and dancing in a kayak is not a recommended activity
. I’m sure everyone else will have a great laugh. I’m neither a great kayaker or dancer, so don’t expect to see me standing and dancing in my kayak. And remember, swimming is not allowed in Lake Hefner.   

Why is the Koncert on a Wednesday?
With the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo running from Friday through Sunday that week, many kayakers may be too busy that weekend. Also, I have never heard the bands playing on the weekend, and I think Camille is really good, has an amazing voice and a contagious energy. And since I’m the one setting this up, I get to pick the day
. Finally, our evenings are getting shorter. So we should be off the water by 9:00 ish, making Wednesday a great day for the first ever Kayak Koncert.

What’s the weather supposed to be like?
Currently, is showing 98 degrees and possible scattered thunderstorms. However, it is still more than a week out and this is Oklahoma. We’ll keep you posted.

What may cause the Kayak Koncert to be cancelled?
Thunder and lightning or lots of rain. Safety first, so if there are thunderstorms dangerously close the kayaking part of the Koncert will be cancelled.

Do I need to RSVP?
Letting me know that you are going isn’t absolutely necessary, but it is nice to know. That way I can put groups (patio goers or kayakers) in touch with each other if necessary. It also helps to know if we should wait a few minutes for you if you aren’t at Hobie Point by 6:30. 

Will there be other Kayak Koncerts?
I hope so. That all depends on the turn-out for this one and the music schedule at Pearl‘s.  We may have to wait until next year though, so we can have the long evenings again.

See you all there,
Jeff Patterson


Expo Times
3-8 Fri
8-6 Sat
8-6 Sun

August 25-27, 2006
3 pm – 8 pm
8 am – 6 pm
8 am – 6 pm
At the Lazy E Arena

What is the Oklahoma Wildlife Expo?

Come discover new and exciting ways
to enjoy your outdoor Oklahoma

It’s an outdoor experience where visitors fish, shoot, kayak, rock climb, mountain bike, see and touch wildlife, learn about recreation
in the great outdoors. 

And it’s FREE!
Free Parking, Free Admission, Free Instruction

Presented by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation  and a coalition of conservation organizations, agencies and sponsors, Expo celebrates our great state’s natural diversity and opportunities for the sporting enthusiast. From camping and outdoor skills to shooting sports and fishing, from bird watching to kayaking, Expo visitors have an opportunity to try their hands at two full days of fun in the outdoors.

Upcoming "FREE" Seminars
at this years Wildlife Expo

Archery in Action Learn Fly Tying Basics
Backpacking  Learn to Throw a Cast Net
Bass fishing tips and techniques Mountain Biking “How To’s”
Casting Kids Competition Mule Packing
Big Air Dogs Muzzleloading Firearms
Bow-fishing Basics Orienteering
Camping Outdoor Cooking 
Fishing Techniques and Equipment Retrievers and Pointers
Fly Fishing for Bass Shotgun Shooting
Getting Started in Tournament Fishing Taste of the Wild
Hunting Tips and Techniques Taxidermy Basics
Interactive Shooting Simulator Tracking
Making Custom-Made Knives Trapping/Predator Calling
Fish and Wildlife Wood Carving Turkey Feather Art
Painting with Oklahoma Soils Wildlife Art
All About Waterfowl Wildflower Photography
Falconry Fisheries Techniques Field Trip
Netting Wild Turkeys From Bears to Wetlands
Bird Watching and Bird Feeding Pond Management
Live Butterfly Exhibit Experience
“Nature at Night”
More Seminars will be added
as we get closer to the Expo !!

The Red Dirt Paddlers of the ACC will be doing
ALL of the Kayak Demo’s at this years Expo
in the 5,000 sq foot pool built in the center
of the Lazy E Arena


With both the Kayak Demo & Booth Space
there will be numerous volunteer opportunities at this Expo!

Contact Randy Clemens if you are interested in volunteering at this years Expo!


8:00 pm to
11:00 pm

26th Annual
Tony Newcomb
Elks Lodge / 4711 North Tulsa Ave

The OKC Ski Club
will have their
Annual Sign up Party
during Tony’s Party

Ski Trip signup starts at 4:00 pm
Contact OKC-ON Member Patty Cason
for more information about the OKC Ski Club

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