Exhibition stand preparation


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Prepare an exhibition stand an overview of the most important steps – be successful get results.

The preparation of an exhibition is the most important when targeting presentation at International Trade fairs.

A short list of what needs to be prepared will help you to have an overview and how to get started.

1. Search online exhibition stand suppliers  that provides both exhibition stand design and build.

2. Check the capability of the provider to produce Unique Designs and clean Construction.

3. Define your budget and Define your requirements and briefhttp://www.activteam.com/exhibition-stands/exhibition-stand-design-and-build.html.

4. Select type of design you would like to have get professional advice of how to implement exhibition targets in the design implementation.
Example you wish to promote a new product how to display it how to promote, where to place the product with high visibility to the audience .

5. Create the message you would like to speak to the audience. Slogans audio visuals ect.

After you prepare and decide that both sets you already to proceed with your son contractor who will prepare the design and finally the construction if you desire it exhibition stand.


AHL CampgroundPS  Coordinates

N 35 Degrees 37.833
W 098 Degrees 30.392



Pictures from one of our
Camping Trip’s to AHL
September 27-28, 2003
Click here for pic’s from this trip…


Physical Description of
American Horse Lake

Surface area……………………..100.0 acres
Average depth…………………..20.5 feet
Shoreline length ……………….. 6.8 miles
Maximum depth ………………..75.0 feet.

American Horse Lake (AHL) is located in Blaine County 10 miles west of
Geary, Oklahoma. Vegetation around the lake is post-oak-blackjack forest and mixed grass eroded plains types.

Lake History
American Horse Lake was constructed by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1966

American Horse Lake is very primitive in nature
(the closest electric light is several miles away)

AHL has several camping areas
(first come, first serve)
and you are limited to a maximum stay of 3 nights.

Being a wildlife department lake…there will not be any cutting of trees or the picking up of dead branches for firewood…if you want a fire – you will need to bring your own firewood!


Geary, Oklahoma

(American Horse Lake)
Clear Sky Clock


There are picnic tables and one concrete boat ramp

There are not ANY restrooms or pit toilets
AT ALL to be found !!!!

IF you need to go….you will need to find a tree !!!!

Other than a few picnic tables….
No facilities are available

There are not any hiking trails around the lake
Including mtn biking or hiking trails & All Hiking will be bushwhacking

The only trails are walking trails that fishermen use
to get around the shoreline, but some are quite lengthy

The closest supplies are in Geary, Oklahoma – 10 miles away

There is no set agenda for the weekend.

You are free to do whatever you want – whenever you want to do it

Including – hiking, camping, kayaking, fishing, star gazing or whatever else you might want to do.

Remember to bring a folding chair


On a Clear Dark Night
at American Horse Lake
you can see

Remember to bring a pair of Binoculars

From Jeff T w/ OKC Astronomy Club
    The following quotes are from THIS Link
1. In my first hour at AHL I was quite successful recording nine Hershel galaxies that I had not seen before
2. NGC 3607 & NGC 3608
A nice pair of brighter galaxies that show up together. They are both round and easy to see
3. NGC 3640
A fairly bright circular galaxy. The central core brightened and fell off in magnitude cleanly and sharply. It was nice to see an elliptical galaxy after all the spirals I had seen in a row
4. 32 Camelopardis
This, my 99th double star turned out to be a very pleasant surprise



AHL is rated “The BEST” – Bluegill
Lake in the state, by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife (so, you might want to bring some fly fishing or light spinning tackle & don’t forget your Oklahoma State Fishing License)

Largemouth Bass
Electro Fishing Results

Lake  Bass Abundance **
(# per hour)
Bass Size *
( # over 14″ long
per hour)
Heaviest Fish
American Horse 87.3 3.3 6.8

The Oklahoma Department of Wildlife rates a lake as high quality when it produces more than 15 bass over 14 inches per hour of electro fishing. Quality lakes yield more than 10 bass over 14 inches per hour of electro fishing, *and those which produce fewer than 10 bass (over 14 inches long) per hour of electro fishing are considered below average.

In terms of total numbers of bass per hour, **lakes that yield more than 60 bass (of any size) per hour are rated as high quality. Those producing 40 bass or more per hour are considered “quality” lakes, and less than 40 per hour are considered below average.

What that means is – AHL has a lot of bass,
but AHL does not have very many big bass!


American Horse Lake is only about 60 miles & approx 1 hour 15 minutes from OKC

So if you would rather not spend the night….

You could come out just for the day on Saturday & drive home late Saturday night or wait & come out early on Sunday morning!

I have heard a few comments from people concerned that they might not have enough or the right kind of gear for this car camping trip.

Check out the September 2003 – OKC-ON Newsletter for suggested items
(for car camping) and if you have any concerns or questions PLEASE contact me and we will work on getting those issues resolved !!!!


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