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Oklahoma Crossbow Permits

You no longer need a permit from the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation (ODWC) to hunt with a crossbow in Oklahoma.

Legislation passed and signed by Governor Keating on 04/14/2000,
changed the law in regard to Crossbow permits in Oklahoma!

Now all that you just need to do….

Is carry with you in the field a letter from a medical doctor (licensed to practice in Oklahoma or surrounding states) stating that you have a permanent disability (no hope of recovering in your lifetime) to the extent that you cannot physically use a conventional longbow. A permit from the ODWC is no longer required ~ Paul Moore ODWC.

A legal crossbow is defined as having a minimum draw weight of 100 lbs. Bolts must be equipped with broadhead hunting type points not less than 7/8 inches wide and bolts must be a minimum of 14 inches in length. Crossbows must be equipped with safety devices. Laser sights and electronic tracking devices are prohibited. Leverage gaining devices are permitted. No crossbow may be transported in a motorized vehicle unless uncocked or disassembled.

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