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Glover River

River information changes constantly
The following is be be used as a guide only !!!!
Be sure to check the infomation for accuracy,
before launching your canoe or kayak !!!!

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Float the Glover River

Secluded and not well-known this river has remained untamed (no dams block its course) and un-commercialized. Located in the southeast corner of the state this pristine river runs southward through most of McCurtain county. It starts its trek in the southwest corner of the Kiamichi Mountains, parallels US 259 until it flows into the Little River, and turns off to the east. There are no concessions available along this river so the prospective floater should have knowledge of topography and experience with unpredictable waters. When the river is low, rocks, logs, and low falls make for a difficult float, and when the river is up, the journey is very dangerous.

The only outfitter that even dares to offer ventures (and then only on rare occasions) is Charlie Umstead (405) 244-3284


Treetop View Cabins
Your ‘get-a-way’ cabins on the
Glover River in S.E. Oklahoma!

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