How The Oklahoma City Outdoor Network WORKS !!!!

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How the
Oklahoma City Outdoor Network
Works !!

OKC-ON Members are people who day hike, backpack, mountaineer, rock climb, fly fish, kayak, spelunk, mountain bike, downhill ski, ice skate, cross country ski, roller blade, run marathons, car camp, river raft, snowboard, water ski, windsurf, wine taste, road bike, ice climb, scuba dive, or just hang out, etc.

From the Vastly Experienced to the Absolute Beginner
ALL are welcome !!!!

The OKC-ON is basically just a bunch of cool people who happen to enjoy the outdoors or want to learn.

OKC-ON members participation in and organization of outings is strictly voluntary, as no one receives any financial compensation for anything they do with the OKC-ON!

We are a varied mix of the typical Oklahoma City Metro resident.  Our membership is about 50% female and 50% male, with an age range of 21-60. We have a few married couples, but a lot are single. We try to be mellow, and not get caught up in the hum drum of life.

Many activities get announced through the OKC-ON’s e-mail list serv
or on the OKC-ON’s Website.

But there are a lot of activities that are never announced, due to people meeting up with other people within the OKC-ON and then doing something on there own!

That IS what the OKC-ON is all about!
People meeting up with other people to enjoy the Great Outdoors together.

The OKC-ON meets monthly (usually 1st Wednesday) and sometimes more frequently.

Check the OKC-ON website for the time and place of the next scheduled meeting.

Outings are organized by OKC-ON members.

The OKC-ON Does Not organize outings.

Rather the OKC-ON provides a communication forum, such as meetings and e-mail, where people can meet like minded folks to enjoy outdoor or indoor related activities.

Although the Oklahoma City Outdoor Network
 does have an occasional mailing (by snail mail)
 The OKC-ON is primarily an electronic organization
 with email & our website as our main form of communication

As such, the cost of going on any trip is minimal
(i.e. food, shared gas, personal/rented gear, park entrance/camping fees, etc.).

This also means if you want something done, you have to do it yourself.

If you are interested in participating in a certain type of trip, then it is up to you to organize it or at least set it in motion. At a meeting or over the OKC-ON’s e-mail, members announce a trip they are organizing or an activity they would like someone to organize.

The OKC-ON is only as good as its membership.

Don’t be shy.

If you want to learn how to do something, want to go somewhere, need info on gear – whatever – post to the group using the email list serv or ask at a meeting. Someone out there will probably want to join or teach you.

Meetings, e-mail and our website allow members to communicate and use one another as resources.

If you want to find a cool place to go backpacking, just ask the members. 

If you need to sell some gear, let the group know.

If you are searching for the meaning of life – just ask!
Someone is sure to have an answer (but not necessarily the right one!).

If you can’t make the meetings – then either by e-mail or a visit to the OKC-ON’s website will get you the information.

The most important thing to remember is that the OKC-ON is an Outdoor Networking Group made up of people that want to do all kinds of things in the out-of-doors.

They did not join the OKC-ON just to attend meetings, but to connect with other people that want to do the same type of outings that they enjoy in the outdoor arena of life.

If due to your family, work, school or whatever else it is that keeps you from coming to the monthly meetings (even if it is just that you don’t like attending meetings).

The OKC-ON still has a place for you!

On a OKC Outdoor Network day hike to Greenleaf State Park several months ago we had someone from Tulsa, Oklahoma that saw the outing on this website and met up with us there and on a OKC-ON outing to Black Mesa (Oklahoma Panhandle) we had someone from Elk City, Oklahoma join us on that outing. We now have a OKC-ON member that lives in Elk City and he will not be able to attend any of our meetings, but we will be seeing him on some outings in the future!

That IS what the OKC-ON is all about!

People meeting up with other people to enjoy
 the Great Outdoors together.

Trips can be as easy or difficult as you want them to be.

But it is up to YOU to make the OKC-ON what it is

and YOU determine what activities get organized.

OKC-ON Members have done day trips to the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve & Chickasaw National Park, mountain biking near Stillwater, Okla.,  beginning rock climbing in the Wichita Mountains near Lawton, Oklahoma., as well as, mountaineering, canoe/kayak trips, car camping at Black Mesa in the Oklahoma Panhandle, car camping & trout fishing at Blue River WMA, etc.

If what you want is something "at your ability", then organize something or let it be known that you are a beginner looking for someone willing to teach you, or that you are an expert with no patience to walk slowly.

The first step is to announce your interest and everything else always seems to fall into place after that…

People are more willing to go on an outing with someone they’ve met personally, so experience has shown that the best use of the Network depends on at least occasionally attending the outings, meetings or other social activities.

Transportation, group gear, group food, and other details are worked out by trip participants and not by the OKC Outdoor Network!

New members might feel there is a predominance of "gung-ho" activities such as advanced rock climbing, mountaineering, etc.

One reason is that people who reach a certain ability level tend to be more active about organizing things.

Beginners are little shy simply because they are beginners, i.e. how do I start, I don’t know anyone, I’m not qualified to organize something, etc.

But that never stopped any of us before, has it?

Heck, we all didn’t know how to walk at one point, and now look at us! ;-)

Bottom line: Get off your lazy bum, get active, go out there and do something outdoors.

Just like everything else in life,
it is up to you to make it happen

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