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The year 2020

The year 2020 will be kept in mind as an especially tumultuous year, marked by multiple worldwide crises and massive urban protests and riots. It has been a year of significant drama and shock. I do not expect that 2021 will mark a “return to normality.” If anything, 2021 will be just as canning to our collective psyche.

In this essay, I’m posting my referrals for our readers on how to set yourself and your family for any of the next in 2021:

Economic Catastrophe

Sociopolitical Turbulence

Global Military and Terrorism Threats

Supply Chain Disorders

New Pandemic Lockdowns

Urban Outmigration

A Resurgence of Inflation

Because we can anticipate layoffs, develop a second cash flow stream from a home-based small business.

Minimize your consumer debt as much as possible.

Supply Interruptions

The shortages that we experienced in the first few months of the COVID-19 pandemic (February though May, 2020) illustrated how insecure the nation’s supply chains are. This involves not just the import and production supply chains but also the consumer level supply chain. Even local Farmers’ Markets were shut off by the Wuhan Flu pandemic.

Migration out of cities

The existing movement toward migration from cities to the country side will increase, specifically in the spring and summer of 2021.

Specific Suggestions:

Again: Seriously consider relocating to a low-tax, low-population density, and gun-friendly state.

If you live in a rural region, then anticipate that anyone in the building trades will be fully booked for several years. One consequence of a shortage of contractors that is that manufactured houses (read: double-wides) will soon be sold out, whether they are new or used. Better search the web for homes for sale.

With so many people moving to the country side there will be shortages of significant appliances – especially chest freezers.

And with umpteen newcomers wanting to get self-sufficient there will probably be shortages of prefabricated garden greenhouses, small tractors, and power equipment such as chainsaws, rototillers, and utility ATVs. So If you have been needing any of those and delaying making such a purchase, then stop delaying.


The inflation of the U.S. Dollar has been low for more than a 10 years. This has been linked to artificially down interest rates, orchestrated by the FED cartel. But in the gross spending too much money by the Federal government, we can count on inflation to re-emerge in the 2020s.

I summary, we need to be prepared for a turbulent or extremely tumultuous 2021.

Here are tips to get you begun:

Read everything you can about Off -Grid Living now. …

Look at reasonable potential areas. …

Study housing possibilities even if you need to search for land for sale in Wyoming.

Examine your energy and water solutions. …

Figure out how you’ll provide your food source. …

Investigate Off-Grid money-making options. …