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OKC Sierra Club
The OKC Regional Sierra Club is the local group of this national conservation organization. It meets at 7:30 pm on every third Monday of the month at the Warr Acres Community Center at 42nd and North Ann Arbor. The OKC Group runs a number of organized hiking and backpacking outings,
from one-day to multi-day which are open to non-members.

Contact Group Chair Olivia Waldkoetter for more information.

Click Here for Chapter Newsletter
Newsletters are in Adobe Acrobat PDF files

A Website dedicated to Oklahomans who are interested in the Outdoors and to Outdoor enthusiasts interested in Oklahoma.

Oklahoma Ankle Express
Does Hiking Trail Maintenance at Greenleaf State Park
twice a year in February &  September

Oklahoma City
Astronomy Club

They offer information and educational material on viewing the night sky. They also organize star parties in Oklahoma.


Beech Creek Trail System
Ouachita National Forest, Oklahoma
Map of Beech Creek
How to Crap in the Woods
Thunderstorms and Camping Safety
 Hennessy Hammock’s
Peak to Peak Trail and Wilderness Links
American Hiking Society
Hiking and Backpacking.com
Ozark Highlands Trail Association
Guide to Backpacking

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